Business Owners Guide To Understanding Internet Marketing So You Can Make A Smart Business Decisions Without Feeling Helpless

We talk to business owners all the time that are trying to grow their business and are interested in Internet Marketing, or Digital Marketing, or Search Engine Marketing, or SEO, or Social.

Are you confused yet?

Most of these are just variations or pieces of the same thing. Marketing your business on the Internet includes all of these things: email marketing, search engine marketing, marketplace marketing, social media, video marketing, text marketing, display/banner advertising, everything “social” as well, this including Linkedin, Pinterest, and Youtube. Thee is more, so if you connect to the internet and advertise, it’s all lumped in.

I’m going to run you through all of this, piece by piece, so you understand enough to talk intelligently with any marketing company, consultancy, or agency related to marketing your business online, so you can get the right services at the right price.

Smoke And Mirrors With Internet Marketing

The most frustrating thing we come across is with companies that have hired a marketing agency or individual to help with Internet marketing but there is not “education” about how it works and why. They thrive on business owners who no nothing about what they do, and they can sell them on the excitement of getting new business, social media as some miraculous business saving opportunity, and SEO services when most companies don’t really know what they are getting.

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