Making One Improvement In Your Conversion Funnel Can Make A Huge Impact In Your Bottom Line

I have seen countless “losing” or “break-even” companies finally make it into the black with conversion optimization of their landing pages, offers, order processes, and lead gen funnels.

We take an in-depth look at your current website metrics (or implement metrics if you do not have any currently) to determine where to focus our efforts. Many time a confusing order process, improper error handling, and simply too many steps are the culprit for an under performing website. The order process is just the tip of the iceberg as the root of most conversion problems is based on 2 things… your offer and the quality of traffic coming to that offer. It does not matter how good your order process is if you are not generating quality traffic and landing them on a relevant page with a compelling offer.

Our conversion rate optimization services are customized based on your needs.  We work closely with you to understand your customers, your goals, review your current website metrics, and get a clear understanding of what’s required to grow the business.

This is an example of a traditional Conversion Rate Optimization project:

  • Introductory call to learn about your business which would include a historic overview of what you have done previously, what has worked well, what as NOT worked well, and your expectations with the project.
  • We’ll ask for access to any metrics and reporting systems such as Google Analytics, E-Commerce platforms, email marketing accounts, and similar.
  • We’ll ask to speak with anyone else on your staff that can help us understand your customers, their problems, and their needs.  Customer service employees are usually a wealth of knowledge.
  • We will do an initial analysis of your site or marketing process and determine what we feel is the area we can make the greatest impact.  We work together to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • We determine a timeline and any budgetary requirements (example. For PPC campaigns there may be a specific spend or CPA).
  • We set a launch date and our team goes to work.

Many of our clients have the resources to setup the tests or make the required changes.  If not, we can usually make any of the changes we need unless it’s a completely custom solution that we do not have expertise with.

After our analysis we direct all of our effort on the activities that will drive sales, leads, and revenue.

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