Outbound Marketing Program

Conversion Mechanics offers outbound marketing programs designed to target your ideal customers and generate warm leads for companies marketing to other businesses (B2B). This type of program works especially well for “difficult” markets that have gate-keepers preventing you from talking to decision makers.

How Does This Work

The first thing we do is to determine your ideal customer. We need to know as much detail about who they are and why they are ideal for your business. That up-front research will be used to craft your offer that our team uses in an outbound outreach email campaign.

Next, we research to find companies and individuals that specifically match your target prospect. On average, we will contact 75 companies per week that are a good fit.

We then email each company one by one (no spamming) to generate warm leads which means the company would like to learn more about your product or service, or, they would like to get on a phone call.

All warm leads will be passed to your team to schedule calls and follow-up. All leads requesting more information or who refer us to someone else in the company will be handled by our team for additional follow up.

Why Does This Work
This type of marketing performs dramatically better than traditional digital marketing with most B2B companies. The main reason for this is that every effort is spent on contacting “ideal customers” and not any random person clicking on a PPC ad, banner ad, or other marketing piece where you have less control of “who” responds. The emails are crafted so that if they have a need for your service, they will respond.

How Much Does It Cost
A standard campaign going to approximately 75 companies per week (300/month) will cost $3,500. Compared to PPC advertising, the outbound campaigns consistently perform 3x-10x better with a higher quality of lead.

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