PPC Management For Lead Gen And Subscription Based Services

The only way to get the most out of ANY PPC marketing, especially for lead gen and subscription offers, is to optimize the entire process (your conversion funnel)

We don’t manage pay per click like most companies.  The difference between a high performing campaign and a low performing campaign may have absolutely nothing to do with the keywords, campaign setup, targeting, extensions, or anything else regarding your ads. If you don’t have a good offer, unique selling proposition (USP or Value Proposition), optimized landing pages, and a simple and easy order/signup process then even the absolute best PPC campaign will still under perform.

As part of every PPC Campaign under our management, we diagnose the entire process which includes:

  • Analyzing your ppc ads.
  • Analyzing your current campaign strategy (everyone has their own flavor, we can test to determine what’s best for your campaigns).
  • Analyzing your ppc landing pages.
  • Analyzing your signup, checkout, or lead funnel

In most cases we INCLUDE the following services FREE when we manage your PPC (because it’s impossible to get the best results without doing these things).

  • Implement Google Analytics and Adwords tracking on your website (or fix problems if it has not been implemented incorrectly)
  • Perform a site speed analysis and either recommend or implement improvements to increase your sites load times (because it has a direct impact on conversion)
  • Create dedicated landing pages for top performing campaigns
  • Create new signup, checkout, or lead funnel designs (or wire frames) for split testing and optimization
  • Help you craft more effective offer strategies for your products and services
  • Perform landing page optimization and split testing of all primary landing pages where applicable.

There are NO other companies that include expert level Landing Page Optimization and Funnel Optimization as part of their PPC Management.

We will gladly take a look at your current PPC campaign to identify opportunities and help you understand how we could improve your current results.  We customize our fee structure based on your business because many times the industry standard (20% of PPC spend) is not ideal for your business or ours.  Why would we want to cut out un-profitable traffic if it reduces what you spend and thus reduced our fees?  There is a conflict of interest there which we can overcome by crafting a customized fee structure based on performance and business objectives.

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