Profitable Weight Loss Lead Generation

Learn how to grow and scale your weight loss clinic using digital marketing

head-shot-newHaving a website, no matter how good it looks, and sending traffic to the site “hoping it will work” is simply not enough… your site must convert those visitors into customers.

You Get Pre-Tested Weight Loss Marketing Campaigns That Get Results

We have been testing and optimizing digital marketing campaigns since 2002 with a special emphasis on Weight Loss for the past 4 years. On average we are spending over $200,000 per month in diet/weight loss advertising campaigns and when you work with us, our initial campaigns are pre-tested because they are based on winning campaigns for other clients.

You Are The Only Company We Work With In Your Geographic Area

Most of our clients want exclusivity and that’s exactly what we do. We guarantee that you will not be competing with other clients in your area.

You Get More Than Just “Traffic”

All of our campaigns include hands-on optimization of your website specific to capturing new leads. That includes creating new pages, design, copy writing, and general development. We are not going to tell you what to do, we are going to do it for you. If you are using WordPress, then we give you the plugins we use to help your site convert, absolutely FREE.

What About All These Things I’ve Heard Of?

Most weight loss clinics we talk to are being sold on google rankings, social media, retargeting, remarketing, marketing automation, and similar. We do all of that stuff too but most business owners we talk to do not know enough about them to determine “if” and “when” you should implement those strategies. We change that by educating all of our clients about every pieces of their online marketing strategy. We start with the highest ROI marketing strategies, and then “test” into new sources of traffic and leads. There are no smoke and mirrors here, we love to answer your questions.

Let’s Get On A Quick Call To Determine If Working With Conversion Mechanics Would Be A Good Fit For Your Company

In addition to asking me any questions you would like, I’ll also:

  • Give you a FREE Website Review to identify new opportunities
  • Give you at-least one tried and true way to grow your business.
  • Answer absolutely any questions you have about Internet Marketing.
Get more leads.
Lower your CPA.
Increase your conversion rate.
Build your email list.

335% Increase In Leads

Our most recently weight loss clinic was getting about 15 leads per month before we started optimizing their paid search campaigns and landing pages.

3 Months later, they are getting over 300% more leads with the same spend (that cut’s their cost per new lead down to 1/3 of what they use to pay).

$43,000 Reduction In Ad Spend – All Profit

New Years is always the busiest time of the year for most diet and weight loss based businesses. Almost everyone is trying to implement their best marketing and biggest part of their budget on the “new years resolution.”

One of our clients typically spends $150,000+ in January alone between digital, direct mail, and email. We changed their strategy to “only” spend their money on the most profitable opportunities and completely stop under performing campaigns. The results were a 13% increase in “sales” with a $43,000 reduction in advertising spend. That’s $43,000 to the bottom line with “more” sales.

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