Website Optimiztion And Coaching Program

I need someone on my team that can help get better results from my website and digital marketing. I don’t have anyone on my team right now that can explain to where we are at, and where we need to go to hit our companies goals.

Wouldn’t it be great to have:
Someone who can look through your google analytics (with you or independently) and put together a list of opportunities to get better results on an ongoing basis and present to me how much it would cost and the estimated outcomes… and then actually “get it done” for my company and show me the results once it has been implemented.

Someone who can improve my Google Adwords or any paid search marketing and explain to me why it’s not working, or how I can make it work better because currently it’s either break even or not worth doing.

Someone who knows what “should” be on my website to convert traffic into leads or sales and can actually fix those things or work with my team to implement anything missing that I may not know about.

Someone who can actually help me create more effective offers for visitors instead of running the same thing that still is not helping us hit our goals.

Someone that I can trust to tell me what to do so I can get it done or the option to pay them to do it for me.

Someone that can help me verify what works best for my site using a/b split testing so I can have the data that proves we are moving in the right direction or using the most effective strategies and tactics on our site.

Someone that can help manage or evaluate 3rd party vendors, contractors, and agencies to make sure “they are worth it” and that they are doing a good job based on what we are paying them.

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